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SEO Setup and Management


Seo Setup and Management

Custom H1 for Category Names & Keyword-rich category descriptions

These features help make category pages more attractive to search engines by applying semantically correct keyword-based content.  To edit this content, navigate to Catalog » Manage Categories.

Canonical Link URLs

This feature ensures that every category and product has a “root” URL, preventing the appearance of duplicate content that can be penalized by some search engines.

Add “nofollow” to Outgoing Links

This feature instructs search engines to overlook 3rd party links with destinations outside your site.  

Configure robots.txt file to allow CSS and JS

This feature helps to ensure that your website is displayed properly in search results.

Image Alt Tags

This feature adds keyword-based descriptive alternate text to each image on your site, allowing images to be universally accessible and recognizable to search engines.

Enable Gzip Compression

This feature reduces the time it takes for a website to transfer the page files and style sheets, which reduces the overall load time of your website.

Minify and Combine JS and CSS files

This feature speeds up load time for JS and CSS files by compressing and combining them, thus reducing overall page loading time.