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Adding a New Event in Event Espresso

Update Class Based Info

Go to Event Espresso > Events > Add New Event

Example page:

  1. Add a Title
  2. Add a description
  3. Event Date times With the name, event start end, limit 23
    1. This is important to put the event start end date.
    2. If you do not add this info the class will not load on the website.
  4. Available classes that match the times need to be associated with a price and quantity.
    1. This is important to add the sale start end period and associate the proper ticket.
  5. All classes that do not have a valid class date should have a fake ticket created named: “Currently Not Scheduled - Submit the form below for more info.” This will show it expired with the proper dates with the older classes offered. Example:
  6. Right sidebar configurations:
    1. Event Registration Options - Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event/ Display Ticket Selector
    2. Event Categories - All Classes loads the class on the home page and the others assocaite it with the proper category to load on this page -
    3. Questions for the Primary Registrant - need to be checked!
    4. Questions for Additional Registrants - need to be checked!

Events that do not have a set date have a form and a default setting to show up without tickets.

Example page:

Example Text:

This course is designed for housekeeping, custodial and janitorial personnel who work in buildings that contain asbestos materials or suspect asbestos materials. This course is conducted over a minimum of two hours. The total instruction time of 2 hours includes only formal classroom training. Successful completion of this course fulfills EPA-AHERA training requirements and satisfies OSHA Training requirements for Class IV workers.

<strong>Topics include:</strong> History of Asbestos, Identification, Current Regulations, Health Effects, Proper Cleaning Techniques, Building Walk-Through.


<strong>Please contact us for this class's schedule.</strong>

[contact-form-7 id="456" title="Contact form 1"]


Add customer with Purchase Order

  1. Events > Hover over the event you need to register the customer for
  2. Click on Registrations - will take you to a new view
  3. Top right of the Registrations - Add New Registration
  4. Add Total # For Class Registration using the drop down


How to Update the Home Page

  1. Log in through the Wordpress admin
  2. Click on “Posts” on the left sidebar
  3. Click on “Home Page” in the list of posts
  4. Update content in the editing area
  5. Click on “Preview Changes” - (Top right of page) to view your changes before publishing
  6. Click on “Publish” when finished editing home page