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Generating Multiple Coupon Codes for Nosto


    1. In Magento Admin, navigate to Promotions » Shopping Cart Price Rules and create a New Rule.
    2. In the Coupon field, select Specific Coupon.
    3. Select the checkbox labeled Use Auto Generation.
    4. Specify Uses per Coupon and Uses per Customer.


  • Save the coupon when you are done editing its details.  Then, in the menu to the left, select Manage Coupon Codes (a new menu item that appears when the coupon is saved with the correct conditions).


    1. Under Coupons Information, specify the number of coupons you want to create and any other relevant information.  Then select Generate.
    2. A table of generated coupon codes will result at the bottom of the page.  Locate the Export to… dialogue and Export to the desired spreadsheet file type.
    3. Open the resulting spreadsheet in a text or spreadsheet editor, then select and copy only the coupon codes:
    4. Navigate to your Nosto control panel.
    5. Navigate to Tools » Coupon codes and select Create coupon pool.
    6. Give your coupon pool a name and expiration date, then select Save.
    7. After filling in the relevant details of the resulting page, locate the Upload coupons dialogue.  Under Paste coupons, paste the column of coupon codes you copied from the spreadsheet.


  • Save the coupon pool.  


  1. From the coupon pools overview page, navigate to Emails » Triggered Emails
  2. Select the email campaign you would like to edit.
  3. In the Coupon codes dialogue, select the coupon pool you created.  The coupon codes are now ready to use.