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Setting up Shoppable Instagram feeds with Tagtray

If you've already installed and set up Tagtray Instagram feed on your Magento store, you probably want to make your Instagram pictures shoppable so that customers can find the products that are featured in the pictures. 

Step 1 - Magento's REST API

In order for TagTray to access your product catalog, it must be exposed via Magento's REST API ( allowing TagTray's API to access the same product information as the customers on your site). The steps to do so are:

  • From the Magento Admin menu, select System -> Web Services -> REST - Roles, and edit the role "Guest" to allow access to all resources as shown here.
  • Next, select the menu System -> Web Services -> REST - Attributes, and edit the attribute rules for "Guest" to allow access to all resources.

If configured correctly, you should be able to view your product catalog by hitting the following URL on your site:

Step 2 - Tag your products

Login to your Tagtray account

Find the tag icon on your Instagram image. Begin typing the name of your product, and it will appear. Select the proper product so that you can associate that product with the Instagram Post


If you see tagged products on your Instagram feed but you don't see tagged products on your feed, your feed may be configured to pull products from your development environment. Get in touch with Tagtray to help reconfigure this.