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Updating Pronav Dropdowns

If you have a development environment set up, be sure to do the work here before moving any changes to the live site. It is easy to make mistake in Pronav that can cause major problems that effect the entire site. Always save a backup copy of anything before you begin working, so you can replace it back in in the event of a mistake. 

Updating the content of a dropdown in ProNav

Navigate to CMS > Static Blocks

Search for "pronav", and you will see a list with all of the CMS blocks that are used as dropdowns. Click on the dropdown that you need to edit. 

In the case that your drop-down contains HTML code:

Make sure you are editing the HTML code of the dropdown menu. You will need basic HTML knowledge to make any major non text/link changes. 

In the case that your drop-down contains widget shortcodes:

They may look like this : {{widget type="pronav/category_widget_subcategories_list" levels="4" columns="3" template="pronav/items/widget/link/subcategories/list.phtml" id_path="category/41}}

In this case, the subcategories are populated dynamically. Navigate to Catalog > Categories to arrange the add/remove or arrange the categories as necessary. 

As always, email when encountering any issues.