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Manadev Layered Navigation: Sorting Out Options

After you've established your attributes and set them for Layered Navigation, you might need to reorder them.

Going into the attributes, you'll find that you can't change the position.  If you have Manadev Layered Navigation installed, we can fix this.

Navigate to MANAdev > Layered Navigation

You'll be taken to a page where you can see all your attributes that are used in Layered Navigation.

Select the attribute you want to edit.  In this case, we're editting "Chair Seat Type".

Under "Display Settings" you'll find the Position field.  This is the field we'll need to edit.

Uncheck the Use Attribute Configuration.  Edit the Position field to a number.  

Note that the position that the attribute appears in Layered Navigation is based on the number that is put in this field.  The greater the number, the further down the position.

For example, "Red" attribute is set to 1.  "Blue" to 3, and "Green" to 2.

They will appear in this order: Red, Green, Blue.

After you've done this, click "Apply" and "Save".

And that's it!