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Setting Up Emails with Itoris SmartFormer

  1. Select the Form you’d like to edit/add a transactional e-mail to. In this case, we’ll use the volunteer form.
  2. Select Tools > Email Templates
  3. An editor with some Email templates should pop up.From here, you can name the template (Template Alias), edit who the template is from when sent to a user, and the email that it’s from. You can add content as well as data fields. You can also fill out the CC and BCC forms to send a copy to yourself or anyone else.You can add a user’s submitted answers from the form into the email. To Add fields from the form, use “Insert Field” Next to the BCC.
  4. To save the template, click the floppy disk unde “BCC”
  5. To set this email to send when a user submits the form, find the submit button.Click on the button, and a menu should pop up.
  6. Scroll down to e-mail to user and check it off.
  7. It will then add two extra options below it, the first asking for which field in the form the email address to send it to will be pulled from. Select appropriately.The second option asks which email should be sent. earlier in this tutorial, we created the “Form to User” template, which is what is selected here.
  8. Save your changes using Form > Save Form
  9. Now when a user submits the form, they will be sent an email.