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Importing Images With Product CSV's

When importing products with a CSV to Magento, you might be wondering why images aren't showing up.

Magento is looking for a specific folder to contain images.

Using FTP connect to your website and create an "import" folder under /media/.

Under that folder, import all your images.  I suggest making sure that images have unique names and that spaces are replaced it "_" or removed entirely as a preventative measure.

In your CSV import file, make sure you have the thumbnail, small_image, and image columns.

Under those columns, add the name of your image in the same row as the corresponding products you're adding images to.

If you want to update products and add images to them, you can do this based on SKU.

( Note: If you have a "_media_image" column, make sure you update this with your new images, too!)

As you can see I added test.jpg -- under /media/import, there's a matching picture, test.jpg.

Now, when you import your file, you'll see the image.

Multiple Images

If you want to upload multiple images, you'll need to add some extra columns to your CSV file.

These columns are as follow:


You can find your media attribute ID by going to the backend, navigating to Catalog > Manage Attributes > Attributes searching for the media_gallery and clicking on it.  

Up in the address bar, you'll find the word "attribute_id" followed by a / and then a number. The number is your value for _media_attribute.

In this case, it's 88.

Now that we have this information, it's time to fill out our CSV.
On the same line as the product that you're uploading multiple images for, put in your main image details.
In this example, our CSV would look like this:Note that _media_is_disabled is set to 0. This is a default and should be kept at this value.

To add the next image in the gallery, add a row under the product.Don't fill anything out except for the five "_media" attributes that we added.
Your rows should now look something like this:

The _media_position column dictates what order the images will show on the product page.

Upload the file, reindex, and you should see two images on your product page!