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Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

If a customer wants to track conversions or is having an issue enabling this please check the following:

1. Check the tracking code is correct and implemented properly

To get the tracking code, log onto Google Analytics.
From the ACCOUNT and PROPERTY columns, select the property you’re working with. Click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

2. Conversions will not be tracked if the proper code is not added to the success page once someone places an order. 

Generally, adding the tracking code to the Magento HTML Head through Magento's configuration (Configuration > Web > HTML Head) should be enough. If for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be tracking on the success page (sometimes a theme or extension will overwrite parts of Magento's default functionality), then you might have to add the code in manually.
To do this, using your FTP client, navigate to /app/design/frontend/<YOUR THEME>/<YOUR PACKAGE>/template/checkout/success.phtml
Open that file in an editor and add the Google Analytics tracking code to the very bottom of the file. Save it, and reupload it.

3. Confirm your goals are configured properly. Note are the urls correct. If the urls do not match the conversions will not work. 

- A good way to test this is to go under Real Time > Conversions and then go through the process of checking out. 

-You should see your goals loading properly and the active users updating through each goal. 

-If you do not see a particular Goal showing up then it is not configured properly. Go back to your Goals and check them. 

- 1. Purchase Made

- 2. Checkout Start

- 3. Confirmation

4. Goals - Go to Admin > Goals

-Check you have the proper URLs that match your website and Verify the Goal

-Make sure the Destination is set to the final success page and to start the goal on the Shipping part of the checkout. 

5. Once everything looks good. Go through the checkout process or wait for an order to confirm the Conversions are being tracked!