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Gift Registry

The gift registry is an excellent feature to include in your store if your products are often given as gifts for baby showers, weddings, and other special occasions. Gift registry set up is extremely simple for both the store owner and the shopper. 

Setting Up Gift Registry Feature in Magento Enteprise

1. To set up a new gift registry, navigate to Customers > Gift Registry

2. Fill in the General Information, For example

3. Set up the product attributes, For Example

(add new options if necessary, such as Grandmother, Grandfather, etc.)

Continue to enter all of the information about the gender of the baby, the location of the event, or other important information that the Gift Registry’s owner will need to fill out.

Adding items to a gift registry as a registry owner

1. Log into your account

2. Shop as usual, add any items desired to the wishlist or cart

3. On the Wishlist or cart page, registry owner will have the option to add products to the registry (bottom right)

4. The registry owner can use their account dasboard Gift Registry page to manage, share , edit, or delete their gift registry.

5. The registry owner should send out invitations to invite people to view their gift registry. 

Giving some Gifts from their registry

1. The guest will receive an invitation via email. This email will prompt them to create an account and link them to the account creation page. 

2. The guest will also receive an invitation email. The invitation email will have a link to a list of gift registry items, which can be selected and added to the cart.

3. When the guest proceeds through checkout, they can select “ship to recipient’s address”