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Customer Segment - Part 2 - Creating a Discount

Discount for a specific Customer Segment

In this segment, we will discuss how to create a discount to apply to a group of customers. 

Let's say that several customers are registered with company emails, and we want to give them a 50% discount on Laptop purchases for their company loyalty.  

1. In the Magento Admin area open Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules
2. Now we will create a new rule, select " Add new rule"
3. Fill in the information regarding the new rule 

4. Using conditions we will use our previously created Customer Segment “Company Discount”

Select "Open Chooser" 
5. Under Action we will give 50% of discount on product price from Category “Laptops”

This is only example you can create may other rules based on Customer Segments under Shopping Cart Price Rules, discount, free shipping, add reward points, etc.