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Logging Of Administrator Actions

Logging Administrator Issues is useful for keeping track of what goes on in your store. You may have multiple admins for one store, and keeping track of exactly each person is doing is essential if an error occurs. Another useful reason for logging them, is that if someone unlawfully gained access to your site, you would be able to see exactly what they did. However, it is possible to modify this data, and so it should not be the only tool you utilize when trying to find the source of an error. 


  1. Navigate to System -> Configuration. 
  2. Select the "Admin" tab. 
  3. Select "Admin Actions Logging". Here you will be able to turn on or off logging for specific admin actions. 

To view logs. 

  1. Navigate to System -> Admin Actions Logs -> Reports. Here you are able to see all admin actions that have been taken - as long as you have logging enabled for them. You may also search and export the data as necessary. 

You are also able to filter by user, or IP address. There are a few more filters available, such as date, action Result, etc. You can view the action by clicking the view link: