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Scheduled Import and Export

Scheduled Import allows an admin to define import parameters, and then import the same file multiple times while only having to schedule it once. An example of when this is useful, is if a store receives weekly shipments of 100 pens, and wanted the stock of pens on the store to be automatically updated every week on the same day they got the shipments Scheduled Import could be set to import weekly and the stock would update automatically. Other options including daily and monthly. 

Scheduled Export works the same way. A example of a way that scheduled export could prove useful is if one scheduled the daily export of customers, which would allow integration with a CRM, that could be updated daily without having to manually export data.

To start with, go to 

System -> Import/Export -> Scheduled Import/Export

You will see two options, one to schedule the import and the other for exports. You can either import customer data or product data. The file should be in .CSV format. 

Here is a sample Import. 

Note: Server type can be defined to RemoteFTP meaning that it can import the file from a different server. 

Here is a Sample Export

For export, you will notice the ability to skip based off of certain attributes. Here I chose to skip all products that cost between $1 and $10.