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Automated Email Marketing Reminder

Increase customer retention by automating email reminders to customers with abandoned shopping carts and wish lists. Email reminder campaigns are configurable and customizable for a variety of parameters including frequency, cart value, quantity and more.

1. Navigate to 'Promotions' > 'Automated Email Marketing Reminder Rules'

2. Click on "Add New Rule"

3. Give the rule a name and add a 'Description'

4. Select a rule in 'Shopping Cart Price Rule' if needed. (This is where you would want to add a coupon) Set 'Status' to 'Active'

5. Navigate to Conditions on the left side. Click on the green plus sign and select 'Shopping Cart'

6. Click on '...' to insert the amount of days (see below)

7. Click on the first green plus sign. (Here you can make it more custom for your store) Select 'Total Amount'

8. Click on 'is' and select 'equals or greater than'

9. Click on the '...' and enter a number. This sets the rule where it won't sent a reminder to a customer who has less than $15 in their cart. (see below)

10. Now click on 'Save'. You will then be prompted to the 'Promotions' page where you will see 'Abandoned Cart'