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Rewards Points

Enables merchants to implement programs that provide incentives to frequent shoppers, increasing customer loyalty. Points can be awarded based on a wide range of transactions and customers. Redemption rules can be controlled by merchants based on a variety of parameters including balances, expiration, customer history, conversion rate and more.

1. Navigate to 'System' > 'Configuration' > 'Reward Points' under 'Customers' (left sidebar)

2. Click 'Reward Points' to open the tab. 

Enable Reward Points Functionality: 'Yes' activates rewards
Enable Reward Points Functionality on Front:  'Yes' lets customers earn points through their actions and use those points in checkout
Customers May See Reward Points History: 'Yes' lets customers view their point history - Found under 'My Account'
Minimum Reward Points Balance to Be Able to Redeem: Lets customers achieve minimum balance before they're able to use points on their orders. Leaving this blank won't allow a limit
Cap Reward Points Balance At: Sets maximum point balance. Leaving this blank won't allow a limit
Reward Points Expire in (days): Sets a limit on points before they expire. Points won't expire if you leave this blank
Reward Points Expiry Calculation: 

  • Static - Chooses the date of expiration when the points were received based on the expiration limit.
  • Dynamic - Does not choose a date of expiration. Points will be checked expiration. Allows to edit the expiration limits on existing points

Landing Page: Lets you pick the CMS page which will display for information about the reward points 

Registration: The amount of points a customers earns when signing up for your site
Newsletter Signup: The amount of points a customers earns when signing up for your newsletter. Not available to guests
Converting Invitation to Customer: The amount of points a customers earns when a invitee signs up for your site
Invitation to Customer Conversion Quantity Limit: Limits the amount of invites. There will be no limit if left blank
Converting Invitation to Order: The amount of points a customer earns when an invitee signs up for you site and places an order
Invitation to Order Conversions Quantity Limit: Puts a limit on the number of orders that can be used to receives points. There will be no limit if left blank
Invitation Conversion to Order Reward: Allows how often a customer can earn points

  • First - Customer will receive points for first order by invitee-customer. Only the amount of the first order will be converted to points even if multiple invitees placed orders
  • Each - Customer will receive points for every order placed by invitee.

Review Submission: The amount of points earned when a customer submits a review and is approved by the admin
Rewarded Reviews Submission Quantity Limit: The amount of reviews a customer is allowed to make
New Tag Submission: The amount of points earned when a customer submits a tag and is approved by the admin
Rewarded Tag Submission Quantity Limit: The amount of tags a customer is allowed to make

Email Sender: Choose which email you want information to send from
Subscribe Customers by Default: Choose 'Yes' if you want customers to subscribe by default or 'No' if you don't
Balance Update Email: Choose a template - Lets customers know their balance
Reward Points Expiry Warning Email: Choose a template - Gives customers a warning that their points will expire
Expiry Warning Before (days): The amount of days before the warning is sent. No warning will be sent if left blank

3. Click 'Save Config'