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Purging CDN Cache in Nexcess

Occasionally, you might find that your Product Images aren’t updating after you’ve edited them, causing you to see the new image in the Admin Panel but the old image on the front end of your website.

You’ve cleared your cache, you’ve reindexed, and still nothing.

If your site is running on a Content Delivery Network, or CDN, there’s one more cache you might need to try.

If your host is Nexcess, login to

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to Services > All Services on the left sidebar.

Then, you  should see “Content Delivery Network” listed.

Click Options and then click Purge CDN Cache.

Confirm the action.

And within 10-15 minutes, you should see your new images being used.


Does this mean I have to do this every time I edit images?
Most likely, yes.  If you’re updating images frequently, the best route to take is probably to update as many as possible and then refresh the CDN cache.