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Optimise Web's 301 Redirects - Uploading Redirects w/ Legacy

Doing redirects one at a time can get really tedious.

Optimise Web's Mass 301 redirects give you the ability to update URLs using a CSV file.

First we must create a CSV file.
Using a spreadsheet program, create a new spreadsheet.

The format for redirects, using Optimise's Legacy CSV, is as follows:

	old website;new website

with a semi-colon separating the two values. Note that the semi-colon is NOT a delimiter.

Follow this format for the rest of the redirects.

Finally, save the file as a CSV, following Magento's import constraints.

In the Magento Admin, navigate to Optimise Web > Mass 301 redirects

Then, expand the Legacy - Upload / Download CSV File tab.

Browse for the file on your computer, and when finished, click "Save Config". That should be it!

Please Note: Uploading a new file will overwrite the previous file.