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Mageworx SEO Ultimate Extension - Configuring Meta Info Templates

Any product that does not have a general Meta info entered under the Meta Information tab will automatically pull from the SEO templates created with this extension (Mageworx SEO Ultimate Extension). (Note: In the  System Configuration > Mageworx > Seo Suite Ultimate there is a setting to allow it to overwrite the blank content. See screen shot below. )

Pick a product and go view the source. You should see the proper meta title and description if the templates are enabled on this extension. For example:

<meta property="og:title" content="Supremescape 1"/>

<meta property="og:description" content="The Supremescape 1 is a fantastic backyard playground that will keep the kids busy with sling swings, ladders, a slide and a rock-climbing wall. Plus, there’s a tire swing beneath the play deck for added fun! Part of the Angled-Base Series, this swing set works best on level properties. Product comes complete as pictured. "/>

The SEO templates can be managed under the Catalog > SEO Suite Templates.

The product specific ones are listed under Product Meta Description / Product Meta Title.

If you add a meta description it will overwrite the SEO template set up.