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Multiple Wishlists

Multiple Wishlists are a great idea for stores where products are often given as gifts, or when shoppers may want to separate their Wish Lists into multiple categories or for multiple occasions. For example, if your store offers women's clothing year round, a shopper may want to separate their "summer vacation" wishlist from their "ski trip" wishlist. Similarly, they may want to create different "birthday" and "christmas" wishlists to share with different family members or friends when an occasion approaches.

To enable multiple wishlists (as a storeowner):

Go to System > Configuration > Wishlist (under customers)

In general options, toggle “Enable Multiple Wishlist” to “Yes”

Set the maximum number of wish lists

To create multiple wish lists (as a customer)

1. Log into your account

2. In the account section, navigate to wish lists in the left sidebar

3. Create a new wishlist

4. Create a second wishlist

5. When adding products to your wishlist , you can toggle between different wish lists 

6. When viewing your wish lists, you can toggle between which list you’re viewing