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Administrator Permission Roles on Website and Store Levels

Restrict access roles so that staff can view only the data to the stores relevant to them. Magento Features Listrice and Promotion Permission. Merchants can create and control multiple admin roles for reading and editing prices and promotions.
1. Navigate to 'System' > 'Permissions' > 'Roles' 
2. Click on 'Add New Role'

3. Enter a 'Role Name'

4. Click on 'Role Resources' on the left

5. Under 'Role Scopes' you can either pick 'All' or 'Custom' 

6. Under 'Roles Resources' you can either pick 'All' or 'Custom' as well. If you choose 'All' then that user has access to everything in the admin. If you choose 'Custom' you pick which areas of the admin you only want that user to access. You can simply do this by clicking the check boxes. (see below)

7. Click 'Save Role' and you'll be prompted to the Role page

8. Now you need to assign this role to a user. Navigate to 'System' > 'Permissions' > 'Users'

9. Click on 'Add New User' and fill out all the information in the 'Account Information' area. (see below)

10. Once that is finished, click on 'User Role' to your left. Here you will see a list of roles. Select a role and click 'Save User'