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Magento Secure Payment Bridge

The main security feature available with Magento Enterprise Edition that is not offered in Magento Community Edition is the Magento Secure Payment Bridge. Using Payment Bridge means Magento Enterprise Edition is a PCI PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) compliant platform. 

Magento Secure Payment Bridge is a separate application from Magento Enterprise with a subscription. This enables updates to the main Magento application with new management capabilities and updates, without having to go through PCI compliance reassessment of the entire Magento platform.

Why must merchants be PCI Compliant?

PCI compliant is a set of requirements designed to ensure all companies that process and store credit card information maintain a secure environment. PCI compliance is not an option for merchants who process credit cards and store information for cardholders. The credit card associations require merchants to securely maintain this information at all times. Merchants who fail to comply by the PCI requirements can except to be largely penalized, which could result in the cancellation of their ability to process payments. 

How Magento helps keep merchants compliant

Magento Secure Payment Bridge helps merchants in being PCI Compliant with this secure application. By implementing Payment Bridge with Magento Enterprise, you will be saving money in the long run associated with achieving PCI compliance by yourself. If the company isn’t PCI compliant, the company can be penalized and fined for being noncompliant. 

Your customers for your e-commerce website can trust that their personal information (credit card, billing address, etc) is stored securely and strongly encrypted and that it is in agreement with security regulations.